Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson said what happened on River Street over Mother's Day Weekend could have happened anywhere.

A Forsyth County family claimed they were victims of unwarranted, random mob attack, but police determined there was an altercation between two groups with alcohol involved.

"We want everyone to remain calm," said Jackson. "We are doing our jobs. The police are doing their jobs. We want all of the United States and people coming in to know we are no different than any other community. We cannot control what people do coming into this community, but we can provide for the safety of the people coming here and we are doing this." 

“Violence has no place on the streets of Savannah,” reads the statement Jackson presented during Thursday’s City Council meeting.

“The altercation that took place on River Street this weekend is absolutely unacceptable,” she said. “As a community, we must come together and condemn those who would use hateful words in response to minor slights or resort to physical confrontations to settle disputes.

“We’ve all heard multiple versions of events of Saturday. We’ve all been inundated by rumors. But let me be clear: The court of public opinion is not where justice is found.

“Our police force has an active and aggressive investigation into this matter. We call upon our citizens to work with police to find all of the participants in the incident on Saturday and to share any information they may have that could assist in the investigation.

“Rather than getting swept up in the rumor mill of misinformation, we must focus on discovering the truth of what took place so that those guilty of criminal activity can be found and held responsible, to the full extent of the law, for their behavior.”