Bernard Rose says:

We have a dog here at the house that appears to be either a full or mixed shepherd with no collar. He weighs about 45 lbs. maybe 50. He seems to be in really great shape and good health. We really would like to get this dog to its owner if possible. We found him on the patriot's trail road while coming out of our church parking lot adjacent to the century link phone company next to the new Nissan dealer. First, he stood in front of my wife's car and started running beside it for a distance. He then started with my truck and actually leaped into the passenger window and acted like we were old friends! Here are pictures of him that I could get. He is very friendly, and though I'd love to keep him, but we have 2 dogs and do not need another one right now. Please help by sharing this post!! Surely he belongs to someone around here. I intend to, reluctantly, take him to the pound tomorrow unless someone claims him or someone nearby would like this dog as a pet. (If you recognize this dog please send me an email or visit Bernard Rose on Facebook and message him.)