Did you know you can adopt a dog, cat, puppy or kitten from Chatham County Animal Control? Good, adoptable animals get put down because there isn't enough room. these animals need homes - both adopting and fostering homes. Want to help but CAN'T adopt or foster? Please consider sponsoring an animal. sponsoring can give an animal a little more time, and make them more desirable for adoption.
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Don't wait (the shelter is required to hold animals for 5 days only)
Call The Shelter at 912-351-6750, 401-2991 or Michelle (anytime) at 912-434-1448. Animal Control is open 7 days a week 1- 4:45pm
7215 Sallie Mood Dr. (in the back)

ANIMAL CONTROL NEW NUMBER… 311 Savannah-Chatham Metro Police (SCMPD) Animal Control has a new number, 311. The City of Savannah has slowly been getting its residents used to calling 311 when they have non-emergency issues, such as pot holes or downed trees. Starting Today June 1, 2010, residents with animal complaints can also call 311.

The process for public reporting of domestic animal concerns is being improved within the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.  The internal adjustments are designed to streamline response time and improve customer satisfaction. There will no longer be one person answering calls from, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., dispatching animal complaint calls; the Metro Communications Center will dispatch 24/7 all emergency response calls for animal issues.

Citizens within the City of Savannah can soon dial 311, the City’s non-emergency customer service line, to report animal cruelty, dogs at large, tethered dogs, and to request traps.  While the SCMPD’s Animal Control Unit will continue to respond to immediate needs (such as injured animals), use of the 311 system will provide a more efficient response to our furry friends.

(Citizens within the unincorporated area will continue to call 651-6675. That number will forward them to the 311 call center.)