Miami-based producer/DJ Henrix has been turning up the heat in dance music. Releasing two huge tracks this year "Hit It" and "Jumangee" - which have been supported by guys like Steve Angello - plus a busy summer of touring, he still has more up his sleeve.

We caught up with Henrix at Electric Zoo in New York City, after he played his set on the main stage. He told us about his new track "Raverz," who he looks up to in the industry, revealed he has more new music on the way (which he played in his set), and of course, talked NBA champs the Miami Heat!

How was playing on the main stage?

It's amazing, you know. It's my first time at Electric Zoo, so playing the main stage is an honor!

How's your summer going?

Good. A lot of traveling, a lot of touring. This month, I'm actually taking some time off to get in more studio work. It's been five hectic months, nonstop, and I haven't had a weekend off since before WMC. So, it's been crazy. I can't complain, you know. But, starting next month it’s gonna be just touring again, hard. So, looking forward to it. A bunch, [in the] US, Canada, I’m going to Mexico. It's gonna be crazy.

You're no stranger to New York, opening up Governor's Island with Hardwell, Dyro, and Audien? How did you like playing with those guys?

This is my third time here. That was amazing. That was actually my first big New York gig. There was just energy. It's crazy. In New York, the energy is just crazy as it is. It's one of my favorite cities to play at.

I went on tour with Dyro in April right after WMC. It was me, him and Bassjackers. We went on tour together [and] Dyro became a good friend of mine. We were on tour for like about two or three weeks. Hardwell's, you know, I know him too. It was just awesome to play with them. Especially Hardwell, you know, a guy I really look up to, you know, his music and everything. 

Tell us about your track "Raverz?"

Yes! I can't talk about it too much. But yeah, Steve [Angello] has been playing it. It should be released, hopefully, I think by the end of this year. Hopefully! You never know. But, yeah, I'm looking forward to it. It's also gonna be a little different than what's out right now. We got some melody going on, but the good thing is that Steve is supporting it and that's the main priority for me.

It seems like he supports a lot of your stuff. Is he a little bit of a mentor to you?

Yeah, yeah. He's a nice guy and everything I sent him and he’ll tell me some feedback, and if he likes it, he will play it. He's helped me a lot. I [have] already released two songs on his label which is "Hit It" and "Jumanjee." Laidback Luke is also like someone like that to me. So, yeah, they're kinda someone I look up to and help me out, and everything, so. Yeah, definitely!

In honor of being here at Electric Zoo, you gave away a song to your fans "Heat." Is that an ode to your city, Miami?

Yes, yes. 'Cause I am an obsessive Miami Heat fan. Most of my fans know that. I am on Twitter always talking a lot of crap, especially when the playoffs come around. So, there's something for me, you know. Like when the Heat won the championship, you know, 'you should make a track called "Heat."' All right, cool. So I did it!

Do you ever go to the games?

Yeah, I go to the games. I went to a playoff game. But the problem with the playoffs is that when the Heat won, I was in Asia. And I'm there like 7:00 or 8:00. It was 9:00 in the morning and over here is 9:00 at night or 10. And everyone was just going crazy when the Heat win. I'm here in Asia by myself in the hotel room. I was like, "AHHH!" So, yeah, that's the only thing. When the playoffs come, I'm like, "Oh my god!" I'm always traveling. That's the one time that I wanna be in Miami. When I can, I go.

Now that you're taking time off for the studio, do you have new music in the works?

Yes, a lot of stuff actually. This month has been nonstop studio, remixes, a lot of originals. It's just been nonstop, hectic. So I kinda just took off and I’m like, “All right, I've got to focus here.” Because you do need that studio time to put out music. People want to hear stuff from you. And then when you don’t have that time, it’s a little hard, you know. You always gotta [be] constantly put your stuff out.

*Hint: he played some new tracks during his Electric Zoo set! He said, "When they hear the set and they don't really know the song it’s probably mine!"

Well, since you're here at Electric Zoo. If you were an animal, what animal it would be?

Let's say a lion, but there are other animals too. I like the lion ... or the white tiger.

Photo Credit Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio