Actor and singer, Jared Leto, stopped by to talk about what it was like winning an Oscar along with Thirty Seconds To Mars' new single "Do or Die".

It's very common to see actors trying out music and vice versa, Jared discussed how many people in society are 'multifaceted' and are able to 'multitask'.

"A lot of us want to do a lot of different's stimulating to learn about new things."

Jared recently won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film, Dallas Buyers Club. The songwriter talks about how he keeps his award in his kitchen and how it has become so worn after letting so many people touch it. Jared shares why he hasn't been able to actually watch the film because it hasn't been the right time.

"It probably could never live up to any expectation I could ever have of it now, so it's best to probably leave it alone now."

As for Thirty Seconds To Mars, the group is trying things out without a record label  and the new single, "Do or Die", is currently in the Top 20. Jared says the song is all about 'taking chances' and 'living dreams'. He also helped JJ with an At Work Challenge, a remake of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, using a cup of water instead of a bucket of ice.