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Transfixing Video Shows Body Builder Shaving

He's a werewolf!!
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NYU Student's 9/11 Video From Her Dorm Room Is Just Now Going Viral...Almost 15 Years Later

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Teacher Instantly Regrets Allowing Student To Try On "Drunk Goggles"

This teacher definitely did not expect this to happen when he had his students try to walk a straight line while wearing a pair of "drunk goggles."  The goggles are designed to...
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Guy Finds Most Honest Note After His Car Gets Hit

Not even mad about the scratches lmfao.....Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me only in NewB 😭 — Tcalloww (@TCalloww) May 5,...
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Toddler Tells Parents Someone Is Talking To Him At Night, Mom Makes A Horrifying Discovery!

This is scary!
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They Met At Just 3-Months-Old... Wait Until You See Them 18 Years Later!

Eli Kerr and Megan Schiedler have a unique and beautiful love story.
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Justin Bieber Got A Face Tattoo and You Need to See It!

Do you think it's real?
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Michael Phelps is a Dad!

His first son is happy and healthy!
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Netflix vs. Hulu... The Saga Continues

This feature is going to be a game changer.
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Girlfriend Catches Boyfriend Cheating then Gets Run Over By The Mistress

Warning: Graphic Content
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