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Big Fat Lie: That viral McLaren vs skater video is FAKE!

Here's why.
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It Looks Like An Ordinary House. But Wait Til You See What's Inside The Red Cooler On The Porch...

We've seen some hot days recently. The mercury was up in the mid-90's but the heat index was over 100 degrees. It was the same down in Virginia. 8-year-old Carmine McDaniel felt bad for his...
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Cupcakes That Look Like Pimples? Wait Til You See What Happens Next...

This is gross....
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Teen Smashes $250K Car Windshield After Driver Runs Stop Sign

Karma is a bitch sometimes.
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Walking Dead Pranks with Rick & Daryl... Glitter Bomb!!

He was just trying to cool down!
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This Dog Could Be A Professional Surfer

His owner probably shouldn't.
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The Internet Is Freaking Out Trying To Find The Phone In This Picture

YUP! Here's the latest photo to drive the internet bonkers. Do you see a phone hiding somewhere on this rug? Do you see it yet? How about now?! Hint: The phone is in a floral-patterned...
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Fatal Wreck is Going Viral Beacuse of What Appears in this Photo

This is creepy!! This photo is going viral because people claim you can see the spirit leaving the body of the motorcyclist that died in this accident. The photo was taken in Kentucky by a man who...
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Cops Pick Up Tab for Diners Who Purposefully Avoided Sitting Near Them

When a couple refused to sit next to police officers eating out at a restaurant, the cops reacted with a free meal and a message. The officers decided to pay for the couple's meal,...
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This Disney Employee Did Something Amazing After the Orlando Shooting

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