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Dad calls police on naked intruder, but he's not an intruder

"Next he called the ambulance"
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Woman arrested for pooping on boss' desk after winning the lottery!

Who hasn't at least thought about doing this?
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Parents Abandon Their Daughter The Day She Was Born...16 Years Later, She Learns The Truth Behind Her Identity

It may be hard to believe, but this story is absolutely real.
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Seinfeld 2016: The Movie - The Trailer

Please make this happen!
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Woman Caught Walking Dog While Driving Car!

This is terrible....
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Guy Proposes While Singing Taylor Swift Song...In a Car

A guy in New York who looks like he's about 20 proposed to his girlfriend in his CAR last month while they were listening to the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. When it got to the line,...
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Kelly Ripa Gives Big Opening Speech as She Returned to Live!

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are back on Live! She took to the opening monologue saying "Our long national nightmare is over" I think she handled this like a champ. What do you think? Tell us...
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Doris Roberts Passes Away

The Everybody Loves Raymond star was 90 years old.
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Owner Closes Historic Restaurant

This story is historical and sweet for so many reasons. While the owner's employees are sad to see it close... They're very happy for him.
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Misbehaving Boy in Grocery Store Gets What's Coming to Him

But did the kid really deserve this?
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