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WATCH: The Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They're Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

WATCH: The Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They're Losing Their Jobs to Mexico Carrier Air Conditioner has announced that it plans to move at least 1,400 jobs from the U.S. to Mexico...
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Puppies Learning For the First Time!

Bet you can stop THIS video once you start watching these puppies!
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Taylor Swift's Brother Snaps Back At Kanye Dissing His Sister

On a new track titled "Famous" off of his new album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye West takes shots at Taylor Swift. He claims that he made her famous. Anyway, Taylor's younger brother Austin wasn't...
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See Robin Williams in Three Heartbreaking Deleted Scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire

Newly released deleted scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire casts a different tone on the beloved comedy.
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OK Go Has A CRAZY New Music Video

Watch OK Go's new video, Upside Down & Inside Out, filmed in ZERO gravity!!! // OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for...
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Car Crashes Into Radio Station During Live Broadcast

As if Carolina hasn't been through enough, yesterday during a live broadcast a car came crashing into the espn affiliate radio studios. Never a dull day at the office...
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WATCH: Terrifying Video Shows Why You Need to Avoid Beaches During Storms

You guys - STAY SAFE and away from the beach during storms!
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Watch: Shark Attacks Scuba Diver In Aquarium *GRAPHIC*

During a routine checkup on a pregnant ragged tooth shark being moved to an isolated tank, she is unsettled and attacks one of the divers. This was a routine procedure for pregnant sharks that has...
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This Guy Was Arrested For Throwing An Alligator Through A Wendy's Drive-Thru Window

Seriously.  What a moron. 23-year-old, Joshua James has been accused of doing the unthinkable: throwing a living alligator through the drive-thru window of his local Wendy's restaurant,...
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Tongue VS Mousetrap

For their latest slow motion video, The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, use a Phantom Flex 4k high-speed camera to film Dan getting his tongue caught in a mouse trap at 2000 frames per...
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