I am a fan of music (clearly I work for a radio station) but I really have a love & passion for it..

I think a SOLID 80% of my day is spent listening to music!

So I wanted to pass along my FAVORITE songs right now!



As a matter of fact I love her ENTIRE EP! I think she might be my new girl crush! When I saw her name out there as an opener for Katy Perry during the Australian leg of her tour I started to do my research! And I kinda obsessed.. hope you like here too!

To buy her EP "Truth Serum"  click HERE 




This song just touches me for some reason. The lyrics just make me want to cry! I love this song so much I listened to it on repeat my entire drive from Orange County back up to LA! (Yes, I know I'm crazy!)

to buy "Amnesia" click HERE



To say I'm excited about this album coming out August 25th is an understatement! CAN'T.FREAKING.WAIT!

To buy "Best Mistake" click HERE 



I just love everything about this song... But the lyrics are just too good! I don't care who he is talking about (actually I really do but he will never say who it's about so moving on) the fact that this song is out there is just brilliant! I throw up some emoji praise hands to good ol' Ed Sheeran!

To buy "Don't" click HERE 


Hope you all enjoy :)

XO Tanya