Man Eats Art Priced At $120,000

In Miami, Artist David Datuna approached the exhibit which was a banana duct taped to the wall. Then, simply took the banana from the wall and ate it. The problem was, the art was not his. I've got a million questions on how a spotty banana and duct tape can be worth that amount of money, but non the less the story continues.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan's Banana and Duct Tape went viral. People were showing up and taking selfies in front of the exhibit. So nobody thought it was odd when David Datuna walked closely to it. He peeled the banana off the wall, announced he was participating in "performance art" and proclaimed that he is a "hungry artist." "I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork and I really love this installation," he later posted on Instagram. "It’s very delicious."  Gallery Director Peggy Leboeuf can be heard asking moments later asking Datuna is he was kidding. "No," Datuna replied. 

Leboeuf told BBC Datuna was asked to leave but not arrested. "We can go further, but I don't think we will." You can breathe easy, the $120,000 banana has been replaced.

Video: You Tube

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