Bleeps, Bloops And Bells Are The Worst Alarms To Wake Up To

Every morning at 5:59 I wake up to the lovely 'harp' sounds that the iPhone provides. I find it rather soothing as a gradually wake up and start my day. According to this story though, it claims that I'm in 'doom' of having a bad day. That's right... if you’re waking up to the sound of a bleep, bloop, or bell, you’re supposedly setting yourself for a bad day.

According to a new study, the best thing you can do to kick off your workday is to wake up to music. In fact, the study showed melodic alarms actually improved alertness. Meanwhile harsh alarm tones caused grogginess.They’re also super annoying on TV and movies but that wasn’t part of the study.

Lead author Stuart McFarlane says that these findings are particularly important to people working dangerous jobs. Firefighters, pilots, EMTs, basically anyone who has to be able to pop out of bed and immediately be alert. Waking up to something a bit less dramatic than a BEEP could mean improved efficiency and those are some jobs that really need all the can get.

While more research needs to figure out the perfect song to wake up to, co-author Adrian Dyer does recommend the melodic sound of the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” or The Cure’s “Close to Me.”

Source:Study Finds

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