'Poop Shoes' At Work?

Here it comes... TMI. I will confess that I plan my business first thing in the morning so that I get it out of the way and so I don't have to poop in public. While on Reddit, people are confessing that they have an extra pair of “poop shoes” at the office that they only wear to the bathroom. They feel embarrassed sitting in a stall and pooping with their regular shoes -- because those regular shoes are recognizable by their co-workers. Anyone can look under the stall and see who’s doing their business in there.

So, they bring a second pair of shoes to remain anonymous while sitting on the throne.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it too much? Is this genius?

Wouldn't people think it is weird you are constantly changing shoes! Hey! Whatever works for you.

Source:Mel Magazine

Photo: Getty Images