Single man adopts 13-year-old abandoned at hospital

A 13-year-old boy living in foster care was adopted by Peter Mutabazi in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tony Mutabazi had been in foster care since the age of 2, and was adopted by a family in Oklahoma at 4 years old. His family eventually abandoned him at a hospital when he was 11. In January of 2018, Peter was asked if he could take Tony for the weekend. Peter had been a foster parent for three years, but was touched by Tony's story and he had to take him. Peter wanted to give back what someone else had given to him.

Peter Mutabazi grew up in Uganda and ran away from his abusive home environment at the young age of 10. He found an adult figure he could trust who helped him get through school. Eventually, Mutabazi moved to the United States, became a citizen, and began working for a non profit organization World Vision United States, that helps kids living in unstable environments.

Peter and Tony enjoy spending time together playing games, watching movies, bicycling together, and look forward to welcoming new foster kids into their home.

Source: Good Morning America

Photo:Getty Images

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