Student mortified to find her private Zoom messages were seen by teacher

Schools have been closed for over a month now, and classes have been taking place on Zoom for the time being. One student found out the hard way that the messages you send on zoom can be seen by the instructor.

Twitter user @bryantfaith_, is taking an online lecture on Zoom and had been sending messages to her friends during class that she though was private.

She made a TikTok showing a screenshot of an email she received from her teacher and posted it to Twitter. The post is captioned,""I didn’t know my professor could view my 'private' convos on Zoom," followed by a clown emoji.

The message from her teacher reads, "Dear Faith, I am reaching out to inform you that I can see everything you write in the chat discussion.

"My class session is not the appropriate time to be sending messages like 'I'm a bougie a**, rachet a**, freak b***h...'

"It's very disruptive to the class and I do NOT condone this kind of behaviour during my lectures. I strongly advise you to keep the inappropriate comments to yourself from now on or else it will jeopardise your final grade for this course."

You can see Faith's mortified reaction in the video below.

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