Anti-lockdown protesters enter Subway with assault rifles on break

Saturday, a group of anti-lockdown protesters in North Carolina armed with assault rifles and a rocket launcher stopped to take a break at Subway while they demonstrated against stay-at-home orders.

Photojournalist, Travis Long captured pictures of the shocking scene in the Raleigh shop on Twitter. "A group of about 11 mostly-armed demonstrators protesting the stay at home order marched around downtown Raleigh and ordered sandwiches at a Subway." Travis Long posted along with pictures.

Long's photo's have gotten over 20,000 likes and 7,000 shares.

A video shared by one of the protest organizers Blue Igloo, show the armed protesters ordering food in Subway.

In an interview with NBC, the group claim to be peaceful protesters. "We are a peaceful group, and wish to keep it that way at all costs. We aren't looking for a fight. We in fact, want the opposite. We want to put on a smile, shake hands, and be friendly. An armed society is a police society." the group said.

Photo: Travis Long

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