Racist woman caught on camera attacking neighbor's car with hammers

A woman in California was captured on camera attacking her neighbor's car with hammers and yelling 'go back to Mexico'.

The video is shot from a neighborhood in Chatsworth, California and an older white woman is seen using two hammers to damage the side of her neighbors vehicle. The woman approaches the person filming and says, "Get the f*** out of this neighborhood," and tells them to call the cops.

Then the woman knocks over a recycling bin and another neighbor comes over and starts wrestling with her.

The man who posted the videos, Edy Perez, said his roommates moved in next to the woman early this year and had racial slurs hurled at them since they moved in and simply ignored the woman.

The was taken into custody after the cops were called. The footage of the incident went viral on twitter with over 5.2 million views.

Source: TMZ

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