After battling COVD19 for for a month, she gives birth to healthy triplets!

A Houston woman gave birth to healthy triplets after battling the coronavirus for nearly a month. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas posted about the woman, named Maggie, Saturday (July 4th) on Facebook. Maggie was 28 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital on May 8th to be admitted for monitoring in the pre-birth unit. She had a coronavirus test as part of the admission process and it came back positive. Maggie was considered cured a month later on June 4th after two consecutive negative tests. But on the same day, it was learned that one of the babies had its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. The doctors performed an emergency cesarean section hours later, and the hospital said she and the babies came through it, quote, "healthy, safe and undeniably resilient." The babies are still in the NICU, where they are growing bigger and stronger, and Maggie, who was discharged, visits them every day

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