Hunter kills dog in front of owner claims it chased a goose he was stalking

A video of a husky dog being gunned down in front of its owner after a wild goose chase has caused outrage in Russia.

The husky, Archie was on a walk with his owner when he ran off for a moment. Then an angry hinter emerged appeared and claimed that Archie had 'stolen' a wild goose that he had been stalking.

The dog-owner and a friend who tagged along froze in place as the hunter shouted "Not a step closer or I shoot you."

The video cuts to black and three shots are fired. The video cuts back in and Archie is seen collapsed on the ground.

The hunter faces up to three years of jail after the video went viral sparking outrage and calling to toughen Russia's animal cruelty laws.

Warning: The video below contains disturbing content.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: DailyMail

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