Woman watched her mother die in hospital as they both battled COVID

Woman, 49, tells how she lay next to her mother, 76, as she died in the hospital while they both battled COVID-19. The woman warned, "Don't let this be you."

Anabel Sharma and her mother Maria Rico were hospitalized in Leicester, England after their family fell ill.

The picture shows the mother and daughter in their final moments together. They held hands as both recieved treatment to support their breathing. Anabel's mother passed away 24 hours later.

Anabel has urged people to stick to the COVID guidelines so that they don't have to go through the heartbreak of losing a loved one.

In an interview with the Mirror Anabel said, "I never thought Covid would hit us - but it did. The speed Covid ravaged through our family was frightening."

"If anyone is thinking about breaking the rules, I'd urge them to put themselves in my shoes and think about what it might be like to watch your mum die, or be told that you might not live."

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