San Antonio fourth grader dies three days after testing positive for COVID

A 4th grader in San Antonio, Texas became one of the youngest in her area to die after testing positive for COVID-19.

9-year-old Makenzie Gongora went home from school sick on Friday, January 29.

In a zoom interview with NEWS4SA, Makenzie’s Aunt explained the unexpected events that happened over the next few days before Makenzie passed away.

"She told her mom that she was really tired and that her stomach hurt,” aunt Victoria Southworth said. “And of course, as parents were told, you know COVID and kids is flu like just make them comfortable, do what you can to ease their, you know, discomfort. And so, my sister did that later down so that she could rest and then she passed.”

Makenzie passed away on February 2nd.

A GoFundMe page details that Makenzie is the daughter of an Army National Guardsman. “Makenzie's mom, Kristle, is a front-line essential worker in the medical field. Makenzie's dad, Nathan, is in the Army and has been deployed overseas twice. Both Kristle and Nathan have given so much of themselves for others, this is our chance to give back to them.”

Makenzie loved arts and crafts, Disney movies and playing with her younger sister.

The GoFundMe has raised over $78,000 so far.

A medical examiner will make a final determination on Makenzie’s exact cause of death after the family’s mandatory quarantine has been completed.

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