WATCH: Uber driver attacked and coughed on by passenger over mask

Video of an uber driver in San Fransisco being coughed on and berated by a passenger has been circling the web this week. The driver, Subhakar Khadkas, noticed one of the three passengers didn't have a mask on and stopped the ride and told the women that he could not continue the ride until all of them had a mask on.

The video then shows one female passenger berating Khadka and using profanities. The woman without the mask coughs on Khadka, grabs his cellphone from the front of the front of the vehicle and rips off his face mask.

The woman was identified as Malaysia King, 24. King was arrested Thursday on suspicion of pepper-spraying the Uber driver that she coughed on after he asked the passengers to wear a face mask.

Police report that King was arrested in Las Vegas Thursday on suspicion of assault with a caustic chemical, assault and battery, etc., and was being held without bail.

Another passenger involved in the incident has been identified as Arna Kimai, 24. Kimiai's legal counsel says she intends to turn herself in soon.

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