SC soldier charged after video of confrontation with black man surfaces

A video of a soldier confronting a black man who was walking on the sidewalk in front of his home has gone viral, leading to the soldier's arrest.

The soldier has been identified as Jonathan Pentland, a U.S. Army soldier based at Fort Jackson.

The video shows Pentland confronting the young black man, asking him what he's doing there. The young man replies that he's out for a walk, then the video shows the soldier sating, "you're in the wrong neighborhood," and swearing at him telling him to "get out". The young man says he lives there.

In the video Pentland says that the young man is "harassing the neighborhood". Pentland then shoves the young man and threatens to get more physical.

Deputies from the Richland County Sheriff's Office responded to a call and took time to properly investigate. Pentland was not arrested at the time.

The incident took place Monday, April 12. Pentland was arrested Wednesday and faces assault and battery charges.

The video drew protesters to the neighborhood and is now is being investigated by police, Fort Jackson military officials, and the Department of Justice.

Watch the viral video:

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language.

Fort Jackson Commander Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle, Jr. issued a statement saying military leaders do not condone the behavior in the video.

Photo: Richland County Sheriff’s Department

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