Didn't Get Vaccinated Yet? Here's A List Of Free Stuff If You Do

For those who have not yet gotten their Covid-19 vaccine shot yet, there are quite a few offers to entice you to get yours. From booze to cash to scholarships, the offers are plenty. If food is a motivator for you, One of the most creative was in Miami Beach. The Chamber of Commerce ran a promotion to encourage people heading to the beach to get their shots. They called it "Shots for Shots." Pretty cute, right? . Anyone who got vaccinated at the walk-up site on 17th Street and Convention Center was given a coupon for a free drink at participating bars and restaurants. Get your shot and you got another coupon for discounts including dry cleaners, clothing boutiques and pizza restaurants. But don't rush to Miami right now, that promotion ended on Memorial day.

How does a free ice cold beer sound? Once the national goal of 70% is hit, the Budweiser will buy the nation's next round of beer, seltzer or non-alcoholic beverage. As long as you are 21 or over, you can get in by submitting a photo of yourself at your favorite spot to grab a drink to MyCooler.com/Beer.

 If cash is your thing, and who doesn't love cash, New York has launched "Vax and Scratch." The grand prize is a very cool $5,000,000. Not to be outdone, California is offering 10 grand prizes of $1,500,000. Oregon, New Mexico, Ohio and West Virginia also have cash promotions going on.

Hungry? There are offers from natonal chains like Krispie Kreme, Nathan's Hot Dogs and Ledo's Pizza.

Maine is giving away up to 5,000 fishing licenses and 5,000 hunting licenses for the 2021 year for residents over 18 who receive their first shot. In Arkansas you can get $20 toward your hunting of fishing license. West Virginia is giving away 5 hunting rifles and 5 hunting shotguns.

Perhaps you long for higher education. Ohio is giving away five full-ride scholarships to any in-state college or university for residents between the ages of 12 and 17 who have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine.

The list is seemingly endless. But in my opinion the best reason to get your shot is two fold. It might save your life and we can definitely get back to normal if enough people do.

Shots for Shots

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