Pizza Vending Machine? OK, I'll Bite

Romans love their pizza. If you've ever been there, you know pizza is a way of life. And everyone seems to have their take on what kind of pie is the best. Not only just the best, but the best for which meal or snack. So why get pizza out of a vending machine if you can get it just about anywhere you want? Massimo Bucolo who by trade sells medical equipment, is betting they will. And he is smart by putting his first machine in a very busy part of Rome which happens to be close to a university.

Oh, did I tell you your pizza is made to order and comes out in just 3 minutes? You can chose your own dough and toppings.

Bucolo says he's not trying to compete with pizzerias. Rather, he's counting on late night visitors to his machine when traditional pizzerias are closed.


Photo: Getty Images

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