Woman in McIntosh County stops to help elderly man who wandered 300 miles

A series of videos posted to TikTok early Saturday morning are gaining attention after an elderly man was filmed swerving and going 30 miles per hour on the interstate in Georgia. The woman who posted the videos under the account @gardeningunderinfluence, is a farmer in the Coastal Empire and said she was on her way to her farm when she noticed something was wrong. The elderly man eventually pulled off the highway and into a gas station where the woman approached his vehicle to try to help him.

The man seems disoriented and tells her that he's just trying to get back to Sarasota, Florida. She lets him know that he's about 300 miles away from there and driving in the wrong direction.

Many users commented on how well she handled the situation and praised her compassion. See videos below:

In an updated video, the woman said that she left the situation to be handled by police who she later found out just let him go. She revealed the man's face and license plate hoping that someone can give an update on Mr. Larry.

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