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Sunday Morning Motivation - Where Are You Going? Where Are You Now?

Do you need some motivation this Sunday morning? Do you have time for yourself to think about what you're doing? Ever question yourself of where you're going? Who you're following? Who is following you in a genuine way? Who do you want to become?

I know the noise out there is too loud at times, we don't or can't allow ourselves to think clearly.

No matter what you are going through right now, good times, bad times, meh times. I wanted to share the 25 tiny habit changes that they claim will make you a different person a year from now.

The picture above is what I have hanging right by my door as I leave. (yeah... you have seen it before at Pier One or other stores. It's not that unique but may provoke some thoughts.) I haven't looked at it for awhile because usually when I'm leaving, I'm in a rush to go somewhere or I have other thoughts on my mind. Trust me, I have had a lot of thoughts lately on my mind that at times seem too impossible to overcome. I have shut some people out of my life in hopes of clearing some of the noise that was getting louder and louder.

The picture, I see it as the road ahead of us can be daunting. You never know what or who you're going to run into. But, we must keep moving. Maybe if we think of improving ourselves, focus on becoming better people, this World will become a better place for all to live in? Who knows, these 25 tiny habits could turn into the service we can bring to others. Maybe it could be helpful, even if it's a smile to hopefully improve another person's day. I know it's tough to smile even if the day we're having is total crap. I look at it as in who knows if someone else needs the smile more than I do. There are a lot of people experiencing pain and let's face it, there are some A-holes living out there among us.

If we focus on that process of improving ourselves while being helpful and 'being there' for other people, maybe everything will fall into place? Or at least we will have some of that peace. It reminds of a meme that I believe is true... "How do you fill someone else's cup if yours is empty?"

Focus on the process I have found is key. It's easy to look at our challenges and objectives, feel that we are behind and not accomplishing it. To be honest, I give myself a lot sh!t and anxiety IF I don't think I'm accomplishing something. Why are some of us so hard and not kind to the person that we look at it in the mirror? Just focus on the process, trust it, adapt the process, keep it moving forward.

Now, I'm not an expert on giving advice on how to run your life, how to save your life, I'm pretty sh!tty with my own personal life because I have put my career first and chasing a dream before everything. We have our path, it's different and ever-changing. For the people who critique our path while not being helpful? It's hard to shut that noise out. Maybe our path should be like going to yoga. It's your mat and no one else should judge you. IF you can't do the downward dog, dhanurasana, the flopping goat, it's ok. (Disclosure, I don't believe the flopping goat is a thing. I just wanted to make sure you're paying attention.)

It's ok to be weak at times. Lonely, scared, feeling that you're not good enough, wanting to give up, feeling that you are un-loved. If so, talk to a friend you can trust. One who will actually listen. True friends are hard to find.

I hope you find the 25 tiny habits useful or at least you thought of coming up with some habits of your own. It's your mat, don't forget to breathe and stretch.

I hope you have a great Sunday! I hope you are able to create memories for yourself, for your partner, your family, your friends.

Thanks for reading.

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