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The Top 10 Things Are Budget Breakers

No wonder there is a lot of people in debt! The average American breaks their budget and overspends to the tune of $143 a week. That comes out of $7,429 a year!

76% of us feel guilty about overspending, 10% find that it's easy to stick to a budget. The #1 thing we overspend on is something your parents never had to factor in.

The Top 10 Things That Break Out Budget....

1. Online shopping. 40% of people said they spend too much buying stuff online.

2. Groceries.

3. Subscription services, like Netflix.

4. Gadgets.

5. Buying lunch every day instead of packing one.

6. Household essentials.

7. Coffee.

8. Food delivery.

9. Gym memberships.

10. Entertainment, including movies and concerts. 


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