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#jrwearspink On Day 1, My Mission Of Wearing Pink Changed.

It was October 1st, the first day that I was wearing Pink in the American Cancer Society's Real Men Wear Pink. I had painted my finger and toenails Pink to get noticed. It was past Octobers that I was inspired of the strength that Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors had. I also had friends and co-workers that either fought cancer or had someone close to them fighting for their life. This was THE October that I wanted to do what I could to raise money and awareness to fight Breast Cancer.

I got the call from my mom when she informed me that she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I was driving when she was talking about how lucky she is in early detection and I'm just trying to keep it together, trying to drive safely and be the best positive person I could be in that very moment. My mom... Verla... my friends who know Verla.... LOVE Verla! She is amazing! In September, when I told her I was doing Real Men Wear Pink, "Verla The Great' was on a mission! Here it was, Day One of wearing Pink, thinking about the emotional bad day I was having, receiving news about the woman who I talk to about everyday was on her way to fight breast cancer.

"Verla The Great" and Me

It's amazing, the people who came up to me in September sharing their stories of fighting cancer and how I was going to wear Pink for them...'S&$T GOT REAL' because now I'm wearing Pink for my mom. Also, I'm wearing Pink for my dad too. My parents have been married for 47 years and these people are truly in love. Still holding hands. I would say they are a great example of what marriage should be like. They need more years together. My family needs more years of seeing them together.

So yeah... the emotions of today are real. The talks that I have had with some of my friends before I made this news public were real.

I think the lesson in this is early detection is key. Love your family. Love your friends. Love yourself. (This isn't just a breast cancer thing either. Let's start taking better care of our bodies, of our soul, of our health. If we do these things, we can be there for ourselves and able to give back even more to the people around us.)

Check out more about my fundraising efforts in Real Men Wear Pink Here

Thanks for taking the time in reading this. This space will change as I continue to update it.

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