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What a month this has been! In past Octobers, I was inspired of the strength that Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors had. Having friends and co-workers that either fought cancer or had someone close to them fighting for their life, I was going to make THIS October being the October that I was going to do whatever I could to raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

I told my mom what I was joining the American Cancer Society’s ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ and my mom was on a mission. My mom, Verla, was going to buy all the Pink that she could to add to my wardrobe. On October 1st, the first day I was wearing Pink, my mom found out that she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Interesting how life works. The very same person who made it her mission to find me enough Pink apparel was now fighting Breast Cancer. I found out on October 1st, not only was I wearing Pink for the people that came up to me once they found out that I was wearing Pink… but right then and there I was wearing Pink for my mom.

This is Verla. My mom that I have told just about everything to in my fun and frivolity in life. She always tells me to, 'be careful' and I respond with, 'I always am', she counters with, 'I KNOW YOU.' My friends who know her... LOVE HER! She is a very special woman. I am very blessed to have both my parents in my life.

So here I am! With the Pink fingernails and toenails. When I'm not wearing Pink apparel.... I'm always wearing Pink!

On Fridays I am taking it to the next level.Wearing some clothes that I’m not that comfortable wearing. Hey, I’m not the type that dresses up for Halloween but here I am. From starting my day, to visiting Classic Lincoln to just hanging at work.

Also a great thing that Classic Lincoln on Greystone is doing... on Saturday, October 26th, for every person that test drives a New Lincoln, Classic Lincoln with give the American Cancer Society $50!

Every October, promoting and helping out at Prisma Health's Walk For Life And Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 5K + 10K inspired me to actually do something. Last year, I walked. This year, thinking I had no business trying to jog the 5K, I did it! I made it for my mom. Finished under 43 minutes... not bad for being out of shape. But, I wasn't the only one not in the greatest of shape taking part. Other people, at my pace were getting it done! Being more active!

Being out-of-shape most of my life, I remember being emotional after finishing my first 5K. But, with this one, my first 5K in over a year-and-a-half with thoughts of my mom, I needed more than a moment.

I want to thank you for reading this. Remember that early detection is key. Love your family. Love your friends. Love yourself. (This isn’t just a breast cancer thing either. Let’s start taking better care of our bodies, of our soul, of your health.If we do these things, we can be there for ourselves and able to give back even more to the people around us.)

I type this as a dear friend of mine is in a California hospital right now because they found a mass the size of a cantaloupe on his stomach. They don't believe it's malignant but prayers are needed. His wife called to let me know they news as she was on a layover in a rush to be with him. All the stupid, small things that really are trivial don't mean a thing when it comes to life and death.

Check out more about my fundraising efforts in Real Men Wear Pink Here

This space will change as I continue to update it.

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