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More Americans Are Leaving Their Paid Vacation Days UNUSED

For the record... I DO NOT TAKE ALL MY VACATION DAYS. Which is bad. I have made a promise to myself that I will use all of my vacation days before this year is over and all of my vacation days next year. I know a guy who has 4 weeks of paid vacation every year but leaves 3 weeks on the table. This person is crazy for doing this! To each their own I guess.

Let's face it, getting out of the office is good for your mental health. Yet, another report reveals that Americans still aren’t taking the time out of the office that they need and deserve.

In case you missed it, Priceline’s 2019 Work-Life Balance Report finds…

  • 55% of Americans have more than 10 paid vacation days each year.
  • 53% of working Americans say they usually have unused vacation days by the time the year’s over.
  • Nearly 44 million working Americans will leave over seven or more vacation days this year
  • A third of Americans will leave at least half of their days unused.

So, why aren’t people using their vacation days?

  • Almost 18% of people say it’s because they feel guilty taking days off.
  • About the same amount are too busy to go on vacation.
  • 25% didn’t take a vacation because they felt it was too expensive.
  • How long they’re at the office plays a role too, with 60% of people saying they’d wait until they’re at a job six months before taking a vacation, while 21% would actually wait a full year. 

And even when they are on vacation, most workers really aren’t getting a complete break from the office.

  • 29% of workers say either their company or boss expects them to be “available” when they are on a vacation.
  • Another 38% feel “pressure” to check their email and voice mail during their time off.
  • 15% of workers say they do some sort of work on every vacation they take. 

Source: Business Wire

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