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Why Would You Give Up Your Pet? Pet Owners Give Reasons Why

For some people, pets are family! Just like family, sometimes you wish they weren’t yours, and there seems to several reasons folks regret their pet decision.

A new survey finds that household messes pets leave behind is the biggest reason pet owners have thought about getting rid of their pets (42%). But that’s not the only reason. Others include: 

  • Allergies became an issue (40%)
  • Thought my pet was making too much noise (40%)
  • Didn’t know animal would need so much attention (39%)
  • Didn’t know how to handle animal’s medical needs (39%)
  • Didn’t like the way my pet reacted to new child (39%)
  • Pet was shedding too much (38%)
  • I was moving and didn’t want to bring pets along (38%)
  • Pet was too hyper (37%)
  • Didn’t get along with my partner/significant other (37%)

When it comes to those pet messes...

  • 48% of owners have pets who got into the garbage
  • 48% have pets who got a hold of paper and either ate it or made a mess
  • 44% have pets who tear up the toilet paper in the bathroom
  • 43% have pets who have accidents in the house
  • 43% of pet owner have animals who chew through blankets and comforters. 

And there’s no doubt pets can destroy plenty of things in a person’s house, with the average pet owner having to deal with $260 worth of damage caused by their animal. Among the most common things that get destroyed:

  • Clothing (56%)
  • Toys (56%)
  • Couch (52%)
  • Blanket (49%)
  • Chair (47%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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