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Parents Are Concerned About Missing Out On Their Kids' "Moments"

While there are a lot of joys that come with parenting, a new survey finds that apparently a lot of moms and dads are missing out on all the fun.

According to the survey...

  • 55% of parents believe they are missing out on the fun of parenting because they are just too busy.
  • 67% are concerned they are missing special moments in their little ones’ life.
  • 40% admit they’ve already missed at least one of their child’s important milestones.
  • 78% of parents wish they had more time to spend with their kids.

And apparently, kids are noticing their parents’ absence.

  • 82% of moms and dads say their kids have complained about not spending enough quality time with their parents.
  • 25% of parents have heard these complaints often.
  • 78% of parents say their kids have shared their feelings that their parents aren’t full engaged when they are together, with 26% of kids felling that way all the time.

But while they may be too busy, parents really do want to share certain special moments with their kids. Top moments include:

  • Going to a sporting event (47%)
  • Teaching them a new skill (46%)
  • Exploring their creativity (45%)
  • Taking a road trip (45%)
  • Going to a museum (44%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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