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We Spend 110 Hours A Year On Regret

Last year, I spent a lot of my time with regret. Regretting decisions that I made, moves that I didn't make. My over-thinking of regretting some decisions helped lead me into depression that I am still dealing with. So... you're not alone. You're not crazy. You're human.

It takes some time getting over regret, soul-searching, therapy, friends and family but in the end, you have to realize that life moves on, people move on and you need to eventually move on from the decisions while keeping your focus on learning and growing. (That's my big thing... how does one grow while not letting disappointment to disappointment from effecting their self-esteem?)

We spend 7,994 hours of our lives dwelling on regrets and most of us think we’d be better off and happier if we had taken more risks.

Decisions include choosing the wrong career, splitting with a first love and not traveling more when young.

The average person spends 110 hours each year regretting things– the equivalent of 500 waking days over a lifetime. I may have surpassed that 110 hours in one week. lol...

Often it’s the things people didn’t do which cause most pain, with 79% wishing they took more risks.

Had they done so, 29% believe they would be happier, 37% say they would be richer and 17 per cent suspect they might be in their dream job, according to the survey for KP Nuts.

A quarter of people (23%) still hold a torch for an old flame while 57% wish for another job. 

For 44%, fear of failure stops them trying new things.

As a "recovering regretter".... (yes, regretter is not a word as I type this, spell-check is informing me that it's not) I ask you to spend your time learning about 'you' while building some confidence in yourself on becoming a better person to learn and be able to serve others.

Source:Daily Mail

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