Oh... Dear... God! The Mullet Is Back! WHY?!

Oh Dear God... WHY?!

Thanks to Miley Cyrus and Kesha wearing their hair... the mullet is back! The, short-on-top and long in the back is all the rage once again for stars and regular people too.

WHY?! Now, I'm not saying this out of jealousy since I am not able to grow hair let alone a mullet but this movement shouldn't come back. Does not deserve to come back.

New York City hairstylist Vincent Minchelli says a few years ago, he only did the cuts here and there, but now, he’s doing five to eight mullets a week. And they’re mostly on women.

Hair pros say the cut is versatile and easy to style, which makes it a good option for those who are tired of using a flatiron or curling iron. And while some of us can’t let go of the mullet’s embarrassing past, Minchelli says, “You can make a modern version that’s pretty, sexy, and elegant.”

Source:New York Post

Photo: Getty Images

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