13 Dollars For Cereal! Would You Buy?

Cereal sales are down and Millennials are getting blamed for it. I'm not a Millennial and I don't eat cereal so I believe just blaming a generation is not right. When I think of cereal, I think of 'sugar' in box.

General Mills has a new plan to revive sales and bring the breakfast food back. They are going to start charging 13 dollars for a box of cereal. Seems pretty steep.

The Morning Summit cereal actually came out in late 2019 and lists almonds as the first ingredient to get the health-conscious types interested. It also contains cereal flakes, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds, and it sounds pretty tasty, if you can get past that price.

The idea is to make it appealing to the folks who may have swapped their morning bowl of cereal for a more protein-packed breakfast option. The simple and “clean” ingredients and less added sugars may do the trick, if anyone can afford to add it to their cart.


Photo: Getty Images

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