Interviews And Wage Facts

Job interviews can be stressful especially when it comes to the discussion of salary. It's turning out that a lot of people aren't settling for a company's first offer.

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 54% of professionals say they tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last job offer.
  • 66% of men asked for more money, as compared to only 46% of women.
  • Those making higher salaries are more likely to negotiate, with 64% of those making more than $100K looking to do some negotiating.
  • Professionals in Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix were the most likely to negotiate salary, while those in Pittsburgh, Sacramento and Minneapolis were the least likely to.
  • 55% of professionals say they didn’t negotiate because they were happy with what was offered.

So, when should potential candidates expect to find out how much a company is offering? Well, a survey of hiring managers notes:

  • 35% say they discuss it during the first in-person interview.
  • 20% bring it up at a second interview.
  • 15% wait until they are ready to make a job offer.
  • 13% bring up the subject during an initial phone or video interview. 

Source:Robert Half

Photo: Getty Images

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