Dramatic Video:Man Falls In front Of Subway Train Saved In The Nick Of Time

Moral to the story, if you've had a few cocktails stay away from the edge of the subway platform. A lesson learned by an intoxicated man Sunday night in Oakland california. Lucky for the drunk guy, transportation supervisor John O'Conner was there to save the day. O'Connor, who had been conducting crowd control at Coliseum Station after the Oakland Raiders-Detroit Lions game, grabbed the man by the shoulders and pulled him to safety a split-second before the train would have hit him. "I thought the train was going to cut him in half, honestly," O'Connor told NBC Bay Area. "I didn't want to see this guy die." O'Connor, a former train operator who was promoted to supervisor, has been with the transit agency for 24 years. He says he was just doing his job. "We're all human beings. Life is precious. The two men were seen embracing moments after the rescue.


video: You Tube


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