Here Are 5 Of The Most Famous Actresses From Georgia

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Everyone has their favorite celebrities in the entertainment industry, and it’s always more exciting when they share the same home state.

That’s why Stacker compiled a list of the most famous actresses from Georgia. The data journalism hub states:

“From A-list movie stars and major musicians to pro ball players and comedians who landed their own sitcoms, there's no shortage of evidence of just how good the good life is…But the vast majority of these celebrities were born and raised outside of Hollywood, finding their way to the bright lights and big money of superstardom from obscure beginnings in regular small towns and cities across the country.”

Stacker used IMDb’s most popular list to find the most famous actresses from Georgia. These are 5 of the most popular:

  • Brittany Murphy, born in Atlanta and known for playing Sarah in “Just Married,” among other roles.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz, born in Atlanta and known for playing Abby in “Let Me In,” among other roles.
  • Dianna Agron, born in Savannah and known for playing Quinn Fabray in “Glee,” among other roles.
  • Julia Roberts, born in Smyrna and known for playing Vivian Ward in “Pretty Woman,” among other roles.
  • Sutton Foster, born in Statesboro and known for playing Liza Miller in “Younger,” among other roles.

See the full list from Stacker here.

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