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A German Shepherd and Husky are missing in Savannah. Have you seen them?

Our two dogs have gone missing. They are both females. One is an all white husky, she's very fluffy. The other is a black German Shepard, the black German Shepard is missing hair around her face and half way down her back but she has very dry skin and tends to itch a lot. My brothers got these dogs almost 3 years ago when they were in the military. They were chased by another dog, and we believe someone has picked them up. They went missing on 9/15/19 @ 9:30am. They were lost or stolen in Savannah, around Liberty city.. Call Erik 774-312-1719 or David 774-262-7327

I have never seen my brothers more devastated then this (and they were in the military!). We are offering a reward for them, we just hope they are safe.We SO GREATLY appreciated this. 


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