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Widowed Senior citizen needs help with cat’s vet bills after he was shot

She's had her little buddy Andy for ten years and now  Annette Nevels' cat is walking around her apartment with a limp. She says he came home in this condition earlier this month. “His leg was obviously not normal. It was very messed up and I concluded that ‘oh he got clipped by a car in the parking lot,’” Nevels said.

The vet's xrays indicate it after the cat was shot. “Even I knew that leg couldn’t be saved. The bone was completely snapped and jagged and you could see fragments of the pellet and one bigger piece of the pellet inside of his abdomen,” Nevels said. Nevels has no idea who shot her cat, but she’s concerned whoever pulled the trigger could do it again.

“It leads to him or her shooting at other animals and or people. So I’m afraid for that,” Nevels said.

She's not only asking for help with Andy's vet bill, but also to save other stray cats around her apartment complex from suffering the same fate as hers. She’s asking for volunteers to help transport strays to local shelters. Atlanta police confirm they are investigating the incident, but there were no witnesses or cameras rolling when the shooting happened.

But Nevels says Andy’s surgery will cost her thousands of dollars and she’s asking for the community’s help.

“Being a senior citizen and on a very fixed income I very much need the public’s help in taking care of Andy’s bills,” Nevels said.

If you'd like to help her with Andy’s medical bills, click HERE.

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