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Meet Bella, the 5-legged dog up for adoption

Bella is a five-legged puppy who stunned the Wisconsin Humane Society. A family recently surrendered her in Kenosha. Immediately, vets there noticed her unusual hind leg.

"Our veterinary team decided to get her X-rays, of course. And we discovered something that we have never seen before in our 145-year-old history," said Angela Speed, with the Wisconsin Humane Society. That X-ray revealed an entire extra set of leg bones.

"I reacted with thinking it was AI-generated. Somebody was playing around in Photoshop," Speed said.

A closer look at Bella's back paw showed two legs, fused together. Speed said it's an extremely rare congenital anomaly called dimelia.

"It has been seen in other species, especially cattle, but there are very few documented cases of it in canines. We're really aware of really only one or two other dogs in veterinary literature," Speed said. Bella still walks and runs like any other puppy, just with a slight limp.

"She's definitely a unicorn of a dog," Speed said.

The dog was not surrendered because of the leg but because she had way more energy than the family could deal with.

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