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Firefighters rescue a Golden Retriever stuck inside a wall for over 2 hours

Faye, a dog that became stuck in a wall in a California home, was rescued by firefighters who used a sledgehammer to free her. The Orange County Fire Authority shared the video on Facebook Tuesday. The department said the dog got stuck in the wall the day before.

In the video, the firefighters rip pieces of sheetrock off the wall, making the hole a bit bigger. Eventually, Faye pokes her snout out of the hole. They whistle at her playfully, as she finally sticks out her head. She then slowly inches her way out.

After crawling into the wall through a small plumbing access door in her Garden Grove home, getting stuck under the bathtub for two hours, and not giving in to her family coaxing her out, this pup was pretty happy to see the firefighters’ friendly faces and reunite with loved ones," according to the post. "And, according to the family, Faye is probably already planning her next bit of mischief. Who knows...maybe we’ll see her again soon!"

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