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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

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Style (Taylor's Version)

Taking The Yacht Out

Big Al got invited to go on a Yacht, and Part-Time Justin shucked Oysters this weekend.

Celebrity Gossip Part 1 – Citizen’s Arrest

Usher made a last minute change to the Super Bowl Halftime Show and it made one of his guest stars fear for their safety. Plus, one actor made a citizen's arrest in France. How much of the story do we believe? We’ll discuss next.

Celebrity Gossip Part 2 – Why Are TikTokers Here?

Billie Eilish got caught saying something backstage at the People’s Choice Awards and it’s sparked a bit of an online debate…. Plus, how did Madame Web hold up in its opening weekend?

Does That Make Me Crazy!? – Cold Water

Do you do something strange? KiddNation wants to hear about it!

Drain Weasel

J-Si’s wife just got something, and now J-Si think everyone needs one.

Old Big Al MacDonald

This weekend Big Al and his wife visited a ranch as part of her treatment plan.

Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5 – Bad Dressing Rooms

Kelly Rowland walked out on The Today Show, and Chris Brown hates Ruffles potato chips.

A Year On Mars

J-Si wants us to do some show bonding… on fake Mars.

Tomorrow On The Show

Our love expert gives her advice with Love Letters to Kellie, we giveaway another vacation to Casa Marina Key West, and share your First World Problems with Kiddnation.