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Someone Spoiled The Football Game

Celebrity Gossip Part 1 - Super Bowl Halftime Show Announced

Why did Kim Kardashian help announce the Super Bowl Halftime Show? And Gisele Bunchen opened up about her divorce from Tom Brady.

Celebrity Gossip Part 2 - Taylor Swift Loves Football

Let’s keep the sports talk going because believe it or not, Ana and I were texting about a football game yesterday…. Plus, Pete Davidson has a rumored new girlfriend, and she’s an actress from one of our favorite shows!

Ana In Nashville!

Ana took a tour of Nashville looking for all the Taylor Swift landmarks.

We’ll Win The Lotto This Time

We haven’t been right yet… but we’ve got a good feeling about the numbers we picked for tonight.

Big Al’s Broken ATV

Big Al had a little issue while trying to drive off-road.

Kellie’s Showbiz Top 5 - Taylor At The Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift broke football, and Pete Davidson has a new celebrity girlfriend.

Love Letter To Kellie - Tired Of Being Used

We’re breaking up Love Letters for Big Money What Is That?! But our first letter is all about moving on.

Love Letters To Kellie - Excited By The Other Man

Our love expert, Kellie Rasberry, is here to fix all your relationship issues.

Birthday Parties

Our kids all had birthday parties! There were only a few issues.

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