The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

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Love Letters To Kellie - Crush On Best Friend

Does That Make Me Crazy!? - Hot Plate

We're not laughing at your crazy... We're laughing with your crazy.

Part-Time Justin's Backpack

Part-Time Justin cleaned out his backpack...

Game of the Week - Dumb Amazon Purchases

Producer Nick got the Amazon history for everyone... and is using it for the Game of the Week.

Dumb Amazon Purchases

Drunk or just bored... What did you buy online that you regret?

Craigslist Christmas - My Dong... Gently Used

It's time for some online Christmas shopping...

Password - Holiday Edition

Producer Nick has a holiday twist on a classic game.

Don't Bring To My Thanksgiving

There are some things that should be left at home when visiting family for the holidays.

Dog Love

Big Al got a little handsy with his pup.

Tin-Can Turkey Men

Enjoy some fun on Thanksgiving with the crew talking about the Tin-Can Turkey Men.